Demolition Multisystem

Designed to reduce the size of various materials for easier disposal, recycling, or processing. And commonly used in industries such as construction, mining, recycling, and demolition to break down large objects into smaller, more manageable pieces. MBI has various types of crushers designed for different purposes.



The Multisystem can be adapted to both primary and secondary demolition depending on the kit installed. Many different JAW KITS are available for the MS line, literally transforming it into the perfect tool for a wide array of specific jobs.
Powerful inverted cylinders allows to face reinforced concrete.
The cutting edges inserted in the legs allow to cut the reinforcement armor. The shear kit cuts scrap and iron structures.
The continuous hydraulic rotation enables precise positioning in high reach demolition and the double-row thrust bearing ensures high robustness and increases safety.
The Speed-Valve reduces opening and closing times, improving productivity.
Interchangeable teeth and blades make maintenance simple and quick, keeping the tool at full efficiency. The quick and easy routine maintenance allows to reduce intervention times and costs. Real-time tracking of equipment performance.

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