Fixed Pulverizers

These attachments are designed to be mounted on various types of heavy machinery, and are used to crush, pulverize, and reduce large concrete structures, rocks, and other materials into smaller, more manageable pieces. Fixed pulverizers play a crucial role in breaking down materials for recycling, disposal, or repurposing, making them a valuable asset in the construction and demolition sectors.

MCP-IT Fixed Pulverizer Interchangeable Teeth

The reinforced structure of the RP-IT is designed for the demolition of reinforced concrete. The specific design of the mouth is designed for effective ground demolition.
The Speed-Valve reduces opening and closing
times, improving productivity.

Interchangeable plates, made up of 2 independent parts, allow quick replacement of worn teeth. Real-time tracking of equipment performance. 

The Interchangeable plates are available in two versions with different toothing to adapt to primary or secondary demolition.
The two parts that make up the plate are made by a fusion process that ensure high tresistance.*

* Available for MCP800-IT, MCP910-IT
* Check availability with the sales office


MCP Fixed Pulverizer Fixed Teeth

MCP ensures great performance thanks to a simple and essential design. It is designed for secondary demolition work on the ground.
The crushing process separates the concrete from the inside iron reinforcement.
The Speed-Valve reduces opening and closing times, improving productivity.
The metal armor cutting edges are interchangeable and can be used on 4 sides
before replacement. Real-time tracking of equipment performance. 

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