Log Grabs & Shears

Log grabs are used to lift and move logs or similar materials. Log grabs are commonly used in the forestry industry. They can also be used in other industries, such as construction and demolition, for moving heavy and bulky materials.

Log shears are used for cutting logs or other large pieces of wood. They are mounted on heavy equipment and are operated using hydraulic power.


I.C.M. is located in Fornace Zarattini (RA) – Italy.


Due to their own limited weight, GRA-L log grabs can be installed on low-capacity machines, allowing the carrier to make the most of a low lifting capacity to actually lift material.
The high grade materials used in their construction and the excellent price-quality ratio make them a great alternative to pro grapples if you’re on a budget.




GRA-M is the standard series of log grabs, suitable for work on cranes and excavators. Sturdy and reliable, they can be used both in the woods and on yard, with a high gripping strength and long-lasting reliability.
Two connecting rods and a centrally placed hydraulic cylinder ensure a perfectly uniform push. The specially-designed conical pins allow a quick and easy balancing of the plays that naturally occur when working with this kind of equipment.




GRA-C tree shears stand out for their great cutting capacity coupled with limited weight. The resistance of their Hardox400 cutting blades translates in a long working life of the tree shear. GRA-C tree shears come as standard with a pierced upper plate, to be coupled with any brand and model of excavator, with or without a slew bearing rotation system. The cylinder’s strength allows a precise and quick cut of trunks and branches of various diameters.