Grapple Saws

Vosch Grapple Saws
Compatible with machines from 12-30 ton

Grapple Saws


Vosch Grapples are exceptionally strong and robust due to their patented grapple kinematics and the use of high quality steel. The unmatched torque features a special turntable with 4 rotation motors for exceptional torque and holding power.

Units in stock to suit all mechanical arborists with saw units attached. These units have a unique saw bar for ideal strength and feature a heavy duty 3/4" chain. Vosch grapple saws are extremely safe with no chain shot events ever recorded.

These grapples are perfect for all areas of recycling. Ideal for wood and waste handling or any other type of sorting jobs, as well as demolition work.

Discover all the benefits of Vosch Grapples, including:

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