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AugersAuger Torque’s massive range of auger drive units to suit excavators and skidsteers are the result of many years experience in auger unit manufacturing and selling along with testing in the hardest rock and the most difficult drilling conditions.

Leading the field with innovative designs, Auger Torque products are providing maximum benefits to the customer for productivity and reduced maintenance, thus providing the ultimate solution in their Earth Drill range.

Find out that Auger Torque drive units are also advantageous for your operation due to their innovative non-dislodgement output shaft, massive diameter bearings, huge torque ratings and top quality American hydraulic motors.

Auger Torque’s drive units are setting the standard for strength and reliability and choosing the best quality raw materials to create a product of: Extra Power, Maximum Performance & Reliability – making them leaders of auger drive units – “Now you’re talking” !


Auger features

    • Huge range of Earth Drill models to suit 1 – 40 Ton Excavators

    • High Torque with Real World Ratings

    • Heavy Duty Planetary Reductions with Massive Diameter Output Bearings

    • Optimized Tooth Positioning for Superior Soil Removal

    • High quality American made Eaton hydraulic motors

    • Designed for Optimum Productivity

    • Non-dislodgement output shaft

  • Worldwide Customer Support Network

Auger Attachments

Make your auger unit more versatile.
Makes short work of stumps


An incredible attachment that instantly turns your auger unit into a stump grinder. This tool is fast and well built with replaceable teeth and pilot. The Stumpbuster cuts a 350mm hole in the stump and can drill multiple times for larger stumps. Requires 5ton + Excavator

Stump Buster VIDEO

Machinery Attachment that turns your auger unit into a concrete mixer


Turn your auger unit into a concrete mixer with our hitch and concrete bowl. This quickly hooks up to your skidsteer and auger unit to make it even more versatile. Available in two different capacities.